My 10yr old Rocky Mountain horse was a brood mare. She was broke to ride but had no skills other than being bomb proof. Nicole gave my horse the basic skills of neck reining..side passing..backing..and moving off pressure. In the spring/summer after her training she and I were consistently in the top 5 in every obstacle event. Mia puts her feet where I am thinking. Only because Nicole gave her the ability to understand me. She enjoys obstacle challenges. Because she can perform with me instead of becoming frustrated. I have seen Nicole Cammuso produce results for my referrals time and again. She will return your horse beyond your training expectations. She also can provide correction lessons for any problems. Gentle, effective, and lasting results.

Lori Jarosz



After a week with Nicole, she took a really good horse and made her 10X better. Bela has been so much more responsive to any cue she is given thanks to Nicole. If I had a bad horse I would send it to her to make it better and if I had a better horse I would send it to her to make it great!

Jim Jarosz



I chose Nicole for my mare's training after seeing how happy several of my "horsie" friends were with the results of their horse's training with her.  I sent my 4 yr. old Misty to Nicole to be started this November and I am thrilled with her results so far.  My husband and I visited her during her second week and were very impressed at how Nicole already had her walking, trotting, side passing, and pivoting so nicely under saddle.  She has since started cantering with her and that is going great as well.  While there, Nicole had me ride Misty and I can't tell you how very excted I was to finally be riding my girl!  Nicole is not only a great trainer, but also a fantastic rider!  I am looking forward to taking lessons with Nicole as Misty's training progresses so that we can be a great team together.  Misty will be with Nicole during December as well to continue her training.  I could not be happier with my choice!!!  I highly recommend Nicole for your horse's training needs!!!

Max Rockot



I've had many trainers over the years start my horses for me, and I heard about Nicole through a friend that used her.  I thought, why not see what a young lady could do with a horse that I was getting that was started over a year ago, in which I talked to the trainer and he said she would be too much horse for just trail riding.  When the mare, Pip, went to Nicole she was unsure of what was being asked of her.  Nicole was gentle and understanding, and Pip trusted her.  Now Pip is great with neck reining, and side passing, very light with leg pressure.  I'm very pleased with Nicole's training methods they are kind and with understanding of each horse.

Patti Jo



My first experience in horse ownership was with an 8 year rescued Arabian gelding. Having grown up riding, I thought this would be a great way to get back into horses. I figured I'd learn about training while also getting comfortable in the saddle again. Boy, was I wrong! It took 6 months of trying myself, and several bucks from Chance, before I realized I needed professional help.That's how I came across NC Equine LLC. My initial reason for going with Nicole was because she was so close to home. It was after I spoke with a few other horse owners, that I learned of her great reputation. Not only did Nicole live up to her reputation, but she exceeded it. She was riding Chance after only a few days of groundwork! By the time Nicole was done working with Chance he was riding beautifully.Since Chance, I have been boarding with Nicole. She's an amazing trainer (for both horses and humans!) and is very knowledgeable about horse health & care. I know that I can rely on her to take great care of my new horse, Canyon, and she willingly answers my questions & gives great advice.I am so thankful that I found Nicole & that I have access to one of the best trainers in the area!

Jen Ely



When I brought Fancy to you I wasnt quite sure if anything could be done. But i needed help and help you did! After the 1st week she was moving with with her head down and for me it was like a miracle had happened. What she can do now and the things she has learned i will be forever grateful. You Helped her and I to finally become a pair. Thank you so much for everything and giving us both the confidence we needed.

Deb Zurawski



Took Holly out on a weekend trail ride.  It was her very first trail ride.  She did super, I had Holly backing up on the trails no problems.  While we let the horses take a break, I would sidepass her so she wouldnt get bored.  She did a great job!  Thanks!

Dawn McDougal Hayes



A few months back, my horse Koda and I were having issues. Koda wanted do things HIS way, and I made the mistake of letting get away with some bad habits.  Lucky for me, I found a great trainer @ Spring Hollow Farms, Nicole Cammuso.  I enrolled Koda in boot camp with her for 2 weeks. I was not sure if his bad habbits could be changed in that short of time, well I was very pleasently amazed. Nicole not only got Koda in give-up on his bad behaviors, but she also got him collected.  I was able to have a few lessons and be a part of all his training sessions, and Nicole explained what and why she was doing everthing, so I can I can keep up with everything we learned.  I hope Koda and I will be able to continue with our training with Nicole.

Jayne Lott



Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to training my horse Kaydee. Not only were you a good teacher to her but you taught me a great deal of things as well. I was so glad that you were so personable and willing to teach. Not only did you teach Kaydee and I to work as a team but you taught me things dealing with: feeds for horses, conformational flaws on a horse, and how to fit a saddle. I also learned a great deal on how to stretch my horse. Along with all of these things that you have taught me, throughout my horse's training I became a more confident rider and feel confident that I can continue Kaydee's training at home. The amount of dedication you had to me and my horse did not stop at the education. You got me involved in Stonybrook Saddle Club where I took my first ribbon ever and have decided today to become a member. I can not thank you enough for everything you've done for me and my horse. You are a great trainer and I am glad to have worked with you. 

Thanks Again, 

Marcy Gruchalak

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